Pebble app missed something!

Since I got my pebble watch I have become somewhat attached to it and now find myself dependant on it. However, in the past couple of weeks I have received as couple of updates which, while dealing with some issues and given improvements and other cosmetics have failed in one area. To be honest, I think the updates have taken the watch in a backwards move. I am talking about the blue tooth situation. When I first had the watch I had very few disconnections but in the past couple of weeks it has got more frequent. I was hoping that last nights update might deal with the situation but so far I see no improvement. Will this stop me from saying how much I like the device? No, I love it to much to leave it at home but the issue needs to be addressed before users get fed up with this issue and go else where.

One more thing, did anyone notice (unless its my eye sight), the version number for the app has gone down.

As ever I welcome comments.



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