What are you going to do with pictures on your phone?

What do you do with the pictures on your phone? I rarely see articles or suggestions on this topic so I presume that the pictures are just automatically sent to the cloud (google, dropbox, Flickr, etc). Or wasted on that Facebook rubbish. I have checked various ways of dealing with them including dropbox but as you know from old posts I have a great dislike or should that be distrust of the cloud. Downloading on to the laptop and later backed up can be done in various ways. Copy and paste, downloading via airdroid or using DigiKam.

I do a lot of travelling with my job and cann’t always guarantee my camera will be with me but my phone is. Thankfully the pictures its take are pretty damn good although I don’t think the quality is as good as proper cameras. It doesn’t matter though, I have taken the picture for a reason, to preserve the moment. When I get home I try and get the picture uploaded to my laptop so they are backed up in case the phone dies or worst, lost.

I did try the automatic upload to dropbox idea but decided to abandon it because I cann’t always rely on it happening so I try and make a point of downloading the pictures and backing them up when I get home or at least as soon as I am able to. At the end of each month a make myself sit down and go through my phone and download any pictures that haven’t been downloaded and back them up to an external harddrive. I tried airdroid as previously mentioned but found this some what time consuming because after the zip file is downloaded I have to go through and separate them out into individual events. Last weekend however I finally got around to dealing with digikam and getting it to work with my phone.

All I did was to set it up as a camera with port set to port and the path set to /media/username/o8DD-1A14/DCIM ,its important to specify DCIM as this takes to the photos folder. If you are not so specific then you get ever picture on the phone such as album covers, wallpapers, etc on the device and the loading time takes ages. So DCIM for your pictures!

Please post below if this works on other photo applications.



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