Looking for Perfection

I was prompted to write this as I spent 4 days of email exchange and over a hour on the phone with Samsung and Amazon to get the stupid Amazon video app to work on my TV. Why do I need to write this?

Its a general moan about the way that I feel the corporations make things difficult for the user or customer. I get the feeling that they do their best to ensure that we have to buy the latest stuff by making certain things only work on certain things for example, the amazon love film worked fine on my tv which is not that old (bought just before Christmas 2013). They say its to old! What a joke.The attitude is likely because they highly likely think that every one is on or above the average wage that the government keeps giving us. They are wrong, most people are on below it and cann’t buy new stuff every year like they expect us to. Why do you thing sales of PC’s has gone down? I am of the opinion its because no one needs a new one because the one they have works fine!

They have lost a customer who is going to stick with Netflix, and I told them so, no reply because they just don’t CARE! You may be getting the impression that I think amazon suck when it comes to service and you’ll be right. They say their service works on all devices, well they are wrong. They suggested I use a tablet or laptop, tv shows and films are supposed to be seen on big screens not little screens. I think things need to change big time, but I won’t be using amazon services again, their streaming service sucks, book delivery time sucks. I will use other services for the perfection I want. I expect things to be compatible or at least work with ease. I thought tech and machines were supposed to make live easier for us, no wonder people hack their machines. And if you want perfection the corporations won’t be giving it to you on a plate.

Next post will be back to getting stuff to work how it should. I really need some books on back engineering and hacking tech to get it to work for me. Suggestions please.



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