The Fox Has Gone Wrong.

This past week has seen an update for Firefox. Oh goodie, well actually no. The appearance sucks. Come on Mozilla, why have you done this? I have read articles the past few weeks in which testers have been saying about the new design and how they hate it. So, why have they gone a head with the new look? I don’t know but they should have listened. I think part of the problem is that they wanted the desktop version to look like the mobile version but I think this is a really bad idea. Why? because it doesn’t have to be the case, there is more room on the desktop/laptop screen as well as there being more power, so it can be slightly different, it is also more functional than on mobile devices.
With this update Firefox is starting to look like chrome in some ways which is bad. Why? well I hate chrome but mainly because  I think each browser needs to be different from others and I liked the old look but it did need slightly updating but what I am looking at is way over the top! Performance is fine it and it may grow on me but  what choice is there? Chrome sucks, Opera is kind of OK but is to social network originated so I’m not really interested and other lesser ones just don’t cut the grade. Maybe its time for a new browser.

I’ll give it a week and see what happens.


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