Automateit pro – App of the ‘Whenever I Can’

For a while now I have been thinking that its maybe time to get my phone to do stuff automatically. For example go quiet at night, download podcasts, turn WiFi on and off, etc. I cann’t remember how I found it but Automateit seems to fit the bill and do the job.
There are two versions, Automatit and Automatit Pro, after a couple of weeks of trial and I found that the App did what was required and so bought the Pro version. I’m hoping that it isn’t like other Apps and requires both versions to function after the pro version is installed because the free version has just been uninstalled. The App is supported by a web page . This is a welcome difference compared to many other apps where the only information is often the page on play store. Its nice to have a place to go for help and guidance. I actually consider this to be one of the best websites that is connected to a app and seems to have a vibrant community to support it.
In use, you set up what is know as ‘rules’, these are mostly preset and just need to be customized for yourself and there seems to be others appearing, just download from the website or through the app (easiest way) and your away. I’ve still got a couple more rules to add that I can think off (turn WiFi off for a start!). You can also back up your rules in case anything goes wrong and you have to reinstall the app or start again. On top of this you can also find rules from other users on the website.

After some testing I found that you don’t need both versions and so just the pro version on the phone.



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