Whats in, Whats out

Carrying on from my previous post in which I complained about power consumption on my phone and have been removing or not running certain apps. The battery has been lasting a little bit longer the past week or so because I have again stopped and deactivated some google junk but others have bitten the dust as well. simply stopping the lock screen app (toucher pro) as cut down on power used, good move but sad because I found it useful. It means that I have to reorganise my on screen apps to get to the camera easier for quick shots before they are gone! Gone also the New360 app from the phone. I really didn’t think this one is suited to phones, the tablet version is very good and very useful but on my phone it wasn’t.

The in apps are either ones I’m still trying or had updates. Aviate had an update on Thursday which had a music screen, I have found this useful as it allows easy access to music apps although Spotify wasn’t added immediately and I cann’t had it manually to the commonly used apps. The recommended ones were quickly rejected because they are of no use to me. It does have a bit which has ‘resume spotify because that was the last one to be used. which I like very much.
The new app which I am trying out is Carhome ultra. It takes some setting up to be how each individual wants it but I can see this being very useful as I do alot of driving, just keep it connected to the power supply if using it for sometime as the GPS app uses alot of power due to the use of GPS! Otherwise its power use isn’t that bad. This app may end up being an ‘app of the week’.



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