How to listen to US Radio shows in the UK

There are occasions when I hear of a radio show in the US that covers the sort of music that I want to listen to and often I find it unavailable in the UK. Now, lets face it, UK radio and in particular analogue sucks so any excuse to listen to something better and I’m there.
Just this week I wanted to listen to Sixx Sense, I tried before but this time I was even more determined! A duckduckgo search proved somewhat fruitless but I found a clue! Check the affiliates that broadcast the show. Quite alot of shows do this and if you check the affiliate page that tells which stations have what you want you may get lucky. In my case I found a Canadian station which does have the show I wanted and tried to download their app. Now the page I was taken to also said, ‘app not available in your country’. I checked the app store and low and behold it was there. So, it got installed and I can listen to a station with the show I want and has better music. This will hopefully work in other cases.



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