Skype do a Quiet Release for Linux…AGAIN!

A couple of days ago while I was checking the tech news via the News360 app, I noticed an article concerning Skype for linux in which they said about a quiet update for Linux. This release was apparently released as a bug fix which I can confirm. The main problem with the previous release was that the audio was not working right when you made a call or even just tried sending a message. This release fixes it but in my opinion isn’t as good as the release before the one with the messed up audio (sorry, I don’t remember the version number).
There were still problems though, the settings were altered during the updating process with (so far all that has been noticed) the microphone being muted. There is one thing missing in Skype, being able to up check for updates within the application itself. They could do something that alerts the user to an update being available saving time having to check the web site every few days. But lets face it, since Skype was bought by the evil empire it has improved when compared to the progress rate in the days of old.



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