App Of The Week- Aviate

Has I hinted last time, I am going to occasionally (maybe app of the week title maybe a bit stretching it) write about the app that I have found and like. Those that annoy be won’t get the write up.

I’ve been using Aviate since before Christmas and is the first home screen in a long time that actually gives me what I want. One of the announcements that came out of CES was the purchase (or backing) of the project by Yahoo. I wasn’t truly surprised to see the project picked up by a big company but Yahoo? I’m really not sure that this is wise move because big companies seem to be doing this alot recently and then killing the project a few months or so down the line.

With Aviate you have four screen options, home, work, nighttime and going somewhere. Each option has a different set of apps for the situation so you don’t have to search for them. A simple swipe to the left will then give you the other apps on the phone in tidy categories and a second swipe all the others in alphabetical order. The main screen is set out nicely and the way its done, the use of the phone as become easier and faster, plus much nicer to look at.

You do need to have location setting on though which kind of annoys me because of the current privacy concerns but the app needs this to give the information that it does. For more information and a demonstration on what it can do visit the web site-Website-

I give this app 9/10, it lost points on the location thing.



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