Whats Wrong With Development!

With all the stuff that came out of CES via the reports I was reading I was going to comment on all the new stuff coming out. Much of it seems to be old stuff rehashed, some new (but seemed to be based on sci-fi stuff). But I thought I would pass comment on the development of stuff particularly software of the Android kind and where it needs to go.
I was prompted by the sudden increase in the power consumption on my phone and the much fiddling to try and find the cause. Well, I might have found it, google services! It also highlighted that several apps where power intensive and most of these were google. I really don’t understand why this is the case. They spend millions on development and buying other companies in order to achieve their goal but they are missing the root problem. They are ignoring improvement to what they already have. I’m sure some adjustment or alteration could improve performance and lower power required for the app. I’m also sure they could make their apps more independant of each other thus not requiring them all to be running especially ones which the user doesn’t use. There are other apps which are better than googles own so why not be able to turn off or better uninstall them after all I thought android was supposed to be free and open source but this doesn’t seem to be the case. From this I will be introducing a new idea to this blog…App of the week or what ever! This will hopefully highlight apps and possibly other software or hardware from small companies that I think are worth while and deserve a user review (not from a techno journalist)

What I mean is, and its not just google, its others as well, they are sacrificing development time by going for new stuff like new gadgets and new features and not dealing with what they have and improving it. In this case they could be improving the power consumption of the app which will hopefully in turn improve battery life. Now this would be a step in the right direction for the future because mobile devices would be able to be used more and for longer and thus be a damn sight more useful than they are now.

What’s the point of this post?

I would like to appeal to developers to improve what you already have instead of spending your current time on new features until its perfect!



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