When I say contribute I don’t necessarily mean financially what I’m talking about is spending a little time to try new software to find bugs or helping others on forums. While I don’t really bother with forums these days because it annoys me that people don’t answer the question (although it seems to have got better) but just type ‘do a search’ or google is your friend’. This is really annoying because I have seen that the person as done a search (it was me) and found nothing but the idiot just typed it anyway.
Anyway, the point of this post is that I have returned once again to nightingale and discovered the nightly version is more fun. A blog post on their web site wanted feed back I tested and gave feed back (along with only one other) and the problem was fixed. It was small but made a difference. I have another problem which I need to check on. So, instead of moaning that something doesn’t work, report the problem and bring it to the attention of the developer. Hopefully it will get fixed.
One thing projects are short of is coders and while I’m not a coder I try in other ways to contribute. If others reported bugs, helped with problem solving and possibly documentation then the software that we use will improve.



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