Happy New Year!!

I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year and hope that you get what you wish for over the next twelve months.

This time last year I laid out my plans but many didn’t happen for one reason or the other. Yes, I will also admit that I don’t post on a regular schedule but I occasionally get writers block, just don’t have the time or just plain cann’t think of anything.

It is also customary or seems to be that tech people at this time of year make predictions for the new year. So I will as well. Not much will change, the big companies will keep inundating us with lots of good stuff and even more over priced junk. They will also waste millions in courts around the world over pointless software patents with the end user being penalized with high prices to pay for it all. Hardware I can understand but software? This ultimately must add to the final cost to the user as well as affecting the development of technology in a negative way. I think it would benefit all of us in the end if there was some form of collaboration or agreements.

In light of the massive internet security breaches I see the big companies doing something about the security of their services. Indeed, reports have already suggested that this is happening or at least they say they are but who are we to believe? I actually don’t think anything will change because the vast majority of the world population simply don’t care. Some of us do and plan on better personal security including encryption of emails, etc. But just how safe and reliable is that? Also due this security thing as well as intrusions by crackers (proper word, not hackers thats something else) and companies like google, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an increase in people rooting their devices with the aim of taking better control of their devices.

I DO see a few things being possible. Smart watches will become big. They look really useful (and I really do want one, hint hint manufactures…send one for review hint hint). New TV’s will come out, both in viewing quality and function with remotes dying out because people are using their phone/tablets to control them. 4k tv’s, yes please but the price is way to high and may remain so for months. Advances in 3d without glass will be made. Google glass type things will become more common but the price will still be high for sometime. CD’s will continue to die out as more people turn to internal or cloud storage. I actually have a feeling that the cloud may lose some of its appeal due to the internet security situation, people simply won’t trust it. Its a good idea but is it secure and just how much does the user have real control? I also see the mobile battle continuing but its got very boring and I really don’t care which system is the most popular but I do see security being needed on all the mobile platforms due to an increase in malware, virus and other crap which we really shouldn’t have to put with if the internet providers and security people did their job!

Think I’ve done enough!



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