Getting KDEconnect to work with KDE mint16

This morning I thought I would try something that I remembered seeing mentioned a few weeks ago. KDE integration with my android device. Its one of those things that is still very much in development and doesn’t seem to have been around that long. The website ( ) appears to suggest that it is a result of the 2013 Google summer of code. I really liked the idea of this so wanted to get it to work. It took 2 to 3 hours of reading and checking the post and various links to finally get a solution and yes it does work.

First I downloaded the app from the google store and it is also available from F-Droid app store as well.

Then I installed the application from the mint repositories making sure that everything was installed but nothing happened. Well, it did, both the phone and Nexus7 saw each other so there may be a possibility of pairing these two up with the app. But nothing showing on the laptop. I restarted it and low and behold the application showed after this but still it was not seeing the android devices. More searching…

Hidden within all the comments of problems and solutions was a comment that suggested the installation of libgca2-plugin-gunpg and libgca2-plugin-ossl. On checking I found that these were not installed so I got those installed… nothing so I restarted the laptop again. It worked, the laptop saw the phone and the tablet and I successfully paired the phone to the laptop. There is also a widget that you can (maybe need) to go in the task bar.



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