Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

The title says it all, its that time of year when those with families spend time with them but us sad people who return our families to the ex have time to think. Time to think of the future and ways to improve and update or what ever you want with your systems. I’m particularly thinking of making sure I have everything totally up to date before I go back to work and while I’m at it getting a few problems ironed out or making a note of them for later solving. I also want my gadgets to be set up for better integration, with themselves as well as the web.

I have spent the morning doing a fresh install on my laptop with KDE mint. If you have read previous posts you may have got the impression that my favourite desktop is KDE and having used Mint for the past few months that is what I chose. It simply works best for me although I still really like Fedora I have found that many services don’t seems to bother with packages for RPM distros, simply sticking with .deb’s and with KDE on top of mint I can customize it how I want. However, I have already found a few changes with the new install. One being changing desktop picture, I now have to left click, then click on folder settings and I can change the back ground picture.

After the install I installed my usual stuff, Thunderbird, Spotify, Skype and Nightingale. No problems but Nightingale still crashes with lastfm login and expect the same will happen with soundcloud as well so that will have to get sorted.

I also notice with the KDE is one or two other things that wasn’t there before. For example, I saw that format present when I plugged my new external harddrive in. Must be time to sort the USB drives…

Now to check other stuff.



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