Phone signal or lack off, fixed!

For a long time I have been having a problem with the phone signal on my mobile phone at home and as we all know having a cell phone is important part of life now and it actually is an important tool in my system. The signal simply was totally rubbish to none existent where I spend most of my time and just down right a pain in the rear. About a year ago I complained to my provider about this and after 3 months of phone calls and emails, etc I was still in the same situation. They wanted my to call them on phone number which was premium charge which on a mobile is a lot of money. So I left it as I wasn’t getting any where.
Skip forward to a week ago and once again I was thinking that having the contract and paying for it when I couldn’t actually use it was actually wrong. I rang them again as I was not receiving texts or calls that I knew should be coming through because of the lousy signal (I had to walk up the hill). They told me that they would check with the engineers. True to their word, I had a call the following day, the nice gentleman went through everything, in much more detail than before. I was told that they couldn’t do much but they may be building a new tower at a much later date to give better coverage than before in my area.

A solution was offered which I liked and checked the router when I got home. I seem to have been living in my own little world for some time as I didn’t know that Three had a signal booster available (costs over 100 quid) which is why I didn’t really know about it in the first place as alot of their stuff to buy is quite expensive. Anyway, they offered this device to me which I accepted, it appears that because there was very little to no chance of getting the solution fixed anytime soon I was offered it for free. Maybe the words…’may not renew next year’ might have had something to do with it. The device arrived yesterday and is now working, very easy to set up and I can now send and receive texts and phone calls. The thing actually works of the internet so unlimited broadband is required although I suspect that it doesn’t actually use that much. So, if your signal is crap at home, I suggest getting one of these little boxes of magic.

All this means I’m happy and I can actually use my phone at home, thanks Three



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