Paid Android Apps…are they worth it?

I thought of this a few weeks ago and cann’t truthfully remember what prompted it but I felt that I had to write this.

Like many people I will download the free apps but I recently realised that the apps that I use the most, such as poweramp, Beyond pod, and one or two others are paid for. For some reason people seem reluctant to pay £1 – £5 for an app but will use a basic free app with has very little to offer simply because its free or they just don’t want to pay up. Whats this? a couple of coffees or beers or a junky big mac?

The reasons I will and prefer to use paid apps or just the paid versions is because they have the extra features that I want and will perform better many free apps and in some cases, also better than the ones that came as part of the system. Just take a look at the trial versions for example, you’ll get basic usage but once you pay for the app then you can for example, have a music player which as a full set of settings that you can adjust to make it more useful or pleasing to you. I actually find that poweramp is nicer to use than the google player as I can customise it in various ways including appearance. I’m not that bothered about spending the money as I know full well that if I know what I want to begin with, I will get what suits my needs (with a little searching around) and the paid apps are very often what will do that. Many free apps simply don’t have what I want, including adverts that clog up my phone screen.
Another advantage that I have found is that the paid apps have a better website to get information and also forums to help use them as well as solve any problems.

Its just not having the app that you really want for your needs but also, a good reason for paying for the app is that it helps to support the developer who works to keep the app going with updates, etc.



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