Seems to be More App Removal From the Play Store These Days

I have had some thinking time lately and for some reason my attention has been caught by the amount of apps being removed by Google from their app store. I think its the type of app that has caught my attention. I don’t think its my imagination but it seems to be ones that allow the user to have more control of their device. Now, I’m not going to knock them for this has its their site but I suspect there is more going on behind the scenes to cause this but I am sure some of it is greed and control. In one case, my mind is thinking that there is out side influences. I am of cause referring to the removal of the Cyanogenmod app this past week. The reason stated was that it encouraged users to void the warranty of their device. Yeah, right, this may be true but the users are doing this for a reason. They want something better on their phones or simply the OEM’s are not providing the updates which, in my opinion, the user is entitled to. Another reason is simply that the user may want to try new ROM’s which suit them better and without the bloatware.
Now to the reason that has crossed my mind. The OEM’s/phone companies whom the owners got the phones of will have put a load of useless apps on the phones which may bring them some money in and the removal of the apps simply cut of this income. So I am thinking that they have ‘had words with the goog’ about this and google have done the deed. I may be wrong but think about it, it is possible. I hope that the Cyanogen people can get the app back on but I doubt it will happen. It would be nice to be able to use the app myself but they haven’t done a linux interface for PC’s.
Another reason I think this is happening is that google want control of peoples phones/android devices because a percentage of people will remove or install the various google stuff back on to the phone and they use this stuff to track peoples device use for advertising purposes. I know I want to get some of it mine because I don’t want it (including chrome which I hate in all its forms)! I have noticed that adblock as been removed, I happen to like this app being on my devices as I am sure that it cuts the amount of rubbish being downloaded onto my phone and thus taking up my data allowance. I particularly like the idea of this app stopping ads within apps that I am using which isn’t often these days as I pay for many apps.

I have also begun to find alternative app sites for a bit more freedom although finding one that doesn’t have apps full of malware, etc and that I can trust may be difficult. The research begins. If you know of any please add a comment with the app store.

Right, said my piece. I may be wrong but these are my thoughts on the matter and only mine and no one elses.



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