Moon+ starting To Shine on Android…Almost

With the new phone came the opportunity to try a new ebook app. First I installed the Kindle app but as you have gathered from previous posts, I’m not happy using this due its dependence on the amazon website (well, sort of). So I went forth and tried a couple of others. At the moment I am trying Moon+ which I am happy with. But why or what is the point of having a ebook app on the phone?
I travel alot with work as well as having occasions when I have some time of doing nothing such as in airports when traveling or quiet time on site, some lunch times or when on a watching brief I find that I need something to take the time away and having a book or 3 on my phone that I can read is ideal. I don’t have many books on the phone but maybe 3 or 4.

To get them on the phone I follow a similiar method to as for the Nexus 7 in regards to using calibre but using a different folder in the sdcard (no sdcard on the nexus). , 

The folder on the phone in which to add books is the ebooks folder on the SDcard. This will have the path /storage/sdcard1/ebooks.

To load the books to the app go to my Shelf and go to the settings button top right and select options and from there select import books and go to storage and select the folder where you have put your books. Your books should then appear on your bookshelf and also on the apps home page.

The only thing that annoys me abut this app is that when you have a internet connection a thing comes up when you close it saying to download the Kindle app. I really hate this because it seems to be forcing you to download something which I was trying to get away from. Otherwise, I really like this app. Much nicer than kindle which I think is bit of a mess!



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