The Huawei Ascend Lock Screen Needed To Go!

I’ve had a couple of weeks with the new phone. I’ve added my favourite apps to the phone because thats what I prefer. Some are paid for and some not (cover this another time). All was fine but I did have trouble with the SMS message notifications. I switched them off which worked to a point but the default app was still giving grief. The third party app I use for this is ChompSMS, I’ve used this for while but for some reason, after reading the messages they still come up as unread on the lock screen!
All the nofications where turned off, so why?

It had to do with the settings for the damn lock screen! Why these settings are so hard to find is stupid. Why aren’t they easy to find I don’t know, they’re actually hidden! Much searching of forums, etc provided no clues. The only solution I found was to install a new lock screen, I tried 3 or 4 which either didn’t work that well or just plain didn’t look good. I settled on Magicloacker. This looks good and may well review it properly in a couple of weeks but the being able to get to the setting easily and customize it is a big plus to the default one. Its easy to use and set up.



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