Using USB memory stick for Calibre Library location.

A few months ago I was wondering about how to have one central location for holding the library for calibre because I was using two machines, both of which had calibre for managing my Kindle. The problem lay in that one ebook was one one machine and not on the other and I really felt it would be a good idea to have one location for both machine. Hence the USB memory stick idea. I checked the Calibre forums and saw mention in a post that some one was asking about backing up the library on a USB stick. The response said that it couldn’t really be done due to meta data. This idea I was playing with was different. The folder would be on the storage device and added to directly from Calibre. Tests suggested that it worked but shortly after I carried out the first tests my desktop died but I believe it does work when used in conjunction with two (or possibly more) machines. Because I had already started with this project I continued using and it works find. The added bonus of this is that if your hard disk dies then your books are still in their folder on the memory stick.

The set up is very simple and doesn’t change from the normal Calibre set up. The only difference is that the folder will not be on the computer it self. During the set you will be asked to select which folder you wish to use. Its a simply a case of selecting USB then calibre an d the end result should end up looking like the screen shot.


So far I have had no problems. I think the benefits of doing this far out way having the folder with your books on your computer.



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