Site update….

If you are regular visitor to this blog you may have noticed one or two little changes..

The first change that I have made is the Theme, I have found a theme on the site that is more pleasing to the eye than previously was the case. I hope that you like the result that you now see. I may add one or two other features but at the moment I see no need and judging from some comments others agree.
Talking of comments, another change as been the addition of a comment page. The reason for this is that people have been putting comments on posts that are irrelevant to the post so Please Put Any Comment You Wish To Make on That Page! Please restrict comments for posts as being related to the subject only. I thought this would be obvious but many people don’t seem to be thinking when they write and it wastes my time.

The future looks rosy!

Tech is constantly changing and so will this blog….I already have a small number of article/posts in draft that require graphics, checking,etc and these will appear over the coming weeks but I am working away so my time is restricted. These cover ebooks and ideas which I wish to try as well getting stuff to work and one or two things which I wish to bring to peoples attention…such as Nightingale 1.12 which  as just been released but is causing me trouble.

Talking of the future, I am still concerned that the user is being ignored and their rights abused by the corporations. Therefore I am going to investigate ways of making sure that my machines are for my benefit and no one else. This may including hacking stuff to ensure that there is no outside influence controlling my machines. This may include a custom ROM for my phone…honestly, who wants Facebook and other social networking 24/7?



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