Is the PC really on its way out?

I have felt the inspiration to write this to give my opinion concerning PC’s and the apparent down turn in sales. There as recently been a spate of articles stating that PC sales are down and that the days of the PC are gone or going. I have a feeling that Steve Jobs may have influenced a few minds by saying something about a post PC world. Sure, I accept that sales are down. Go into any PC store or big place like Currys/PC world and you’ll see part of the real reason….theres hardly anyone in there. Although the reason for this emptyness may be that people are at home on their PC’s doing their shopping.
Some of the reasons I think there is a down turn in the sales of these machines is that there are a number of factors involved. I don’t pretend to know it all on this subject but I am wondering if one of the reasons is that no one has the money for a new machine at the moment and making do with what they already have. In the case of PC’s, those who are going to use one have one or more already and don’t want or need any more, the market may simply have reached the point of saturation. I think this sales down turn would have come sooner or later and its actually happening now. I really cann’t think why the manufacturers can expect the huge sales they had before to keep going for ever.  Thinking about it, I wonder what the sales of PC parts are like at the moment. People may be building or more likely repairing what they already have (like what I am going to do…possibly).

I don’t think that the use of the PC (I’m talking the desktop specifically now) is going to be dead any time soon. Many people will be going mobile for sure, thats the nature of the world today with the lives that we lead. I feel that there is a lot that cannot simply be done on tablets and phones…such as effective photo management, writing documents, searching the web for books, music and loads of other things. I have tried, phones and tablets are just a pain for actually working on and being productive. I prefer my laptop and when it was working, my desktop. One of the reasons behind this way of thinking is that you have a nice big screen so you can actually see what you are doing and along with a decent key board and mouse I can actually be productive. You also have offices and other places of work which require desktops/laptops for various tasks such as GIS and other professional tools. Tablets will not be able to cope with these tasks for quite a while yet, unless someone comes up with a processor powerful enough to cope. Besides, who wants to look at a tiny little screen all day and go home with eye strain. Back to the machine with the big screen again.



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