Don’t depend on web apps or anything else!

A sub title for this post could well be back up, back up’.

The recent announcement by Google that its reader app is going to be killed of in a few months ( 1st July) suggests that a point in one of my earlier posts may be right and that it would be best to keep data and ways to read/play it on your own machine (with backups). The trouble with web apps is that if the company pulls the app support or stops development then you are pretty stuck. So it is important to know how to back up all of your stuff, in this case it is the blogs that you follow via RSS. Its a shame that blogger and other sites don’t have ‘follow by email’ like wordpress or at least they didn’t the last time I looked. If you have a favorite then stick with it but do as I do and try others out occasionally. The reason for this is two fold, the first is that you may find something more up to date or simply has more features that suit you. The second reason is that you will have a pack up plan to be able to use your data or in this case a RSS feed that keeps you in touch/up to date with the blogs and other news feeds. It is possible to download your data from Google Reader using their take out service which is very easy to use. All of your data will be downloaded in a file that can be added to your new reader, although I have downloaded my feeds I have not needed to add the file to a new app as of yet as Feedly which I am now using, did it for me.

On my laptop and also, when I have replaced it, my desktop, I have started to use the Thunderbird RSS feature. This is easy to set up with the data downloaded from Google. First click on the RSS feed folder which will bring up the main home page which allows you to set up or add things. Click on ‘manage feeds’, then go to ‘import’. This will bring up a window for folders, double click on downloads or wherever you unpacked the download from Google, then goto Reader folder within the first folder and go to the.xml file. Click open and all of your feeds will be added.

My current replacement on my tablet and phone is Feedly. I am already of the opinion that it is an improvement on the old reader app but haven’t really got used to it yet (basically, I haven’t had the time the past two or three weeks to do stuff). I will hopefully give it a full review once I’ve tested it properly to see what it can do as well as a review suggestion of a RSSclient for laptop/desktops. Thankfully its simple to set up and will import your data from Reader.

The other reason that I have titled this post the way that I have, is that my desktop as died and I am strongly suspecting the power unit because there is no life in the machine. Thankfully, all of my photos and music and other stuff is on my external harddrive (in the case of my music…google music as well). I am currently thinking that maybe I should have a second backup harddrive in case the original goes wrong.



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