WiFi not working on Linux (Fedora)

One of the common questions I see on forum is not my WiFi does not work but rather, my WiFi as stopped working. Since getting a new btrouter I have been having trouble with the connection. However, the problem solely restricted go wifi, cable connection works fine. Occassionally all its taken is a simply reset. This problem of lose of connection also occurs other machine so I don’t think that the problem is always the software or computer but rather the router.

The fix is rather simple but there is no reset button on our router so turning it off for a few minutes is all that it takes.

I would like some ideas why routers have this problem.


Update- I have also found that I have been having problems with other machines around the house and the solution of turning the router on and off as worked for these as well. I am wondering if there is a wider problem concerning wifi!


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