Nightingale 1.11 Released

New releases of blogs in quick succession normally means a back log of stuff. In this case it includes things that I didn’t get to post when they happened. In this case, one thing was that I didn’t post about was the new release of Nightingale media player at the time it was released.

Nightingale 1.11 was released last month, there are a number of new bits but these aren’t really that obvious at first although there is a bug that causes the display pane for music files, etc to be blank when its first started.

The list of improvements that the site gives are-

  • Fixed interface issues
  • Several fixes on the default feather
  • Performance improvements
  • Faster search
  • Now Playing list
  • Now based on XULRunner
  • Fix Credits page (Typo and Songbird Credits)
  • Better icon on Windows (better resolution)
  • Build script updated
  • Implemented update-checker and update mechanism
One thing that I did find, was that the feather, Blue glow, does not work for some reason. I am going to have to check information that I found in the forum and the wiki for clues that will make it work. Once this is done I am going to release it. But this will have to wait till my uni work is out the way.
It can still be installed the same way as described before but there has recently been a RPM made for fedora made available but it needs a maintainer, would love to do it but I don’t have the time at the moment. A;lso available for Arch and Chakra, [possibly for ubuntu as well.

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